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Learn to code for free with fun, bite-sized lessons. Choose from more than 20 programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, C#, Java, SWIFT, and C++. Each coding course is designed by expert programmers and tailored to your learning level. You even get a real code editor to practice! Whether you're new to coding or already a developer, freshen up your programming skills and level up your career with our coding academy. Practice your coding daily with up-to-date content. Explore library of learning content for coding and get help from our community when you need it. With 40 million programming students worldwide, there's always someone who can help you solve problems and delve into cool topics. Master algorithms and data structures, build software focused on machine learning, learn to interpret design patterns, and compete in fun coding games against other programmers.

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Sololearn gamification type is Simulation level 3.
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