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Design Your Own Marble Ball Race Tracks. Learn Mechanism,Programming Logic and Physics through Games. For Kids 5+. Children love to play with marble ball race toys and enjoy watching the balls rolling in the track, over and over again. In our app, we try to teach kids to build marble ball tracks in a simple way so that they can naturally understand the tracks running mechanics and logic. In this app, children can learn to make marble ball track step by step by imitating and practicing, or they can freely build their own tracks. We provide a large number of tutorials through which children can quickly learn to build a variety of fun marble ball race tracks. Features 1, Provides 40+ tutorials for building marble ball tracks (will be continuously updated in the future). 2, Children can learn to build marble ball tracks by imitation and practice. 3, Provides a large number of parts, including gears, springs, ropes, motors, axles, cams, basic shape parts, pistons, and other parts. 4, Provides a combination of parts so that the track-building process becomes more simple and more interesting. 5, Provides a variety of material parts, including wood, steel, rubber, stone, and so on. 6, Children are free to create their own marble ball track. 7, Provides 9 background themes. 8, Children can share their own mechanical devices online, you can also download the marble ball track created by others.

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Labo Marble Ball Race gamification type is Simulation level 4.
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