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Manage adhd and boost productivity
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Focus Quest is a productivity RPG gamification. It helps you to beat phone addiction, manage ADHD, improve work productivity, self-control, and concentration. FEATURES: A unique game to beat phone addiction, help with ADHD, improve productivity and work concentration * Help with to do, uni, and work * Stay focused - Collect hero resources when you put down the phone and manage life with ADHD * Train hero - Use resources to train your hero * Forge gears - Collect gear materials to forge powerful gears * Hundred of stages - Battle your way through various stages * Save the world - Fight off monsters and bring time order back to Focusland * Records - Stay on track on your to do tasks to help with work productivity and self-control * Rewards - Gamified tasks and rewards help you stay on track of your goals and to do * Meditation - You can also use the app as meditation gamification along with ADHD treatment

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Focus Quest gamification type is Strategy level 4.
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