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Improve fitness without resorting to sheer willpower
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fitdollar is a card strategy game that you play with your calories as currency. It is designed to be a social game. You play with your friends, family, or other fitness-minded players. Our mission is to make your fitness journey fun & engaging. You don’t need to walk on this journey alone. What’s better than getting healthy & fit? It’s getting to take that journey with people you care about. So, jump right in. Make every calorie of yours count. Bring out your inner athlete. The one who thrives on the competitive spirit. This app allows you to build engaging campaigns that suit your style. Do you want to build up towards your first half marathon? Embark on this journey with week after week of fun challenges. You will enjoy looking back at your journey as the calorie counts keep piling up.

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FitDollar gamification type is Strategy level 3.
12Medium gamification45

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