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Copy Editor: A RegEx Puzzle

Learn regular expressions
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Copy Editor is an intricate puzzle game that teaches you Regular Expressions (RegEx), commonly used in computer science and language theory. Build complex rules that process and revise famous texts for your wacky and demanding publishers! Using 'find and replace' text processing commands, your goal is to align your input with the objective. Like its spiritual predecessor, The Devil's Calculator, no familiarity with the concept is needed. The basics are learned through gentle tutorials, with the focus always on tactics and lateral thinking. While you will no doubt learn valuable RegEx skills, the fun of Copy Editor lies in its sophisticated and rewarding logic puzzles. You must navigate playful obstructions such as a limited number of rules, certain keyboard keys not working for particular levels, and an embellishment of RegEx that extends to Natural Language Processing allowing you to discriminate on criteria like sentiment analysis, stems and parts of speech.

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Copy Editor: A RegEx Puzzle gamification type is Puzzle level 4.
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